WATCH: High School Students Chant “Build The Wall”, Triggers Young Liberals INSTANTLY!

The past two days have been incredible. Not only has Donald Trump completely destroyed the media’s narrative that he’d never become President, the hysterical response from liberals has been hilarious, to say the least.

I’m not normally one to get pleasure from seeing others so upset, but after they’ve been attacking us as racist, sexist, Islamophobes (and more!) for the past year for daring to support Donald Trump, I’d say their pain is rightly deserved.

And the triggering continues. As Fox 2 Detroit reports:

he Royal Oak Police Department had at least one officer sitting outside Royal Oak Middle School after parents said they were concerned for the safety of some students when other students were apparently caught on video chanting “Build the wall”.

Hilarious. Haven’t liberals been complaining about how “racist” police are for the past few years, and now they’re calling them because they feel “unsafe”?

The video was posted by Dee Perez-Scott on Facebook late Wednesday and has 836,000 views and 21,400 shares. Dee wrote that “Latino children were crying”. The clip is just eight seconds long and is it not possible to see if any students were crying.

According to Royal Oak Police, extra patrols were sent to the school because parents said they were concerned for students’ safety.

A FOX 2 crew went to the school Thursday morning where one officer was visible in his car. He did not say why he was there.

In response to the video and chant, school superintendent Shawn Lewis-Lakin released a statement saying the school is “committed to providing a safe, secure, and supportive learning environment for all students. We addressed this incident when it occurred. We are addressing it today. We are working with our students to help them understand the impact of their words and actions on others in their school community. “

Watch for yourself below:

How horrifying. But seriously – people think they need the police to protect them from a chant? Wimps like this are the reason Trump won in the first place.

And for anyone who thinks the border wall is racist, here’s a story on how racist Mexico apparently is too.


Wow – a nation that wants to protect their borders when its illegal immigration negatively impacting them? Who woulda thunk!

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