WATCH Hillary Black Lives Thugs TORCH Cop Cars and BURN Buildings! (VIDEO)



Trump stuns, Hillary falls, and you’d think the world was lit on fire.

Only parts of it.

Gangster wannabes in Oakland set things on fire, broke glass, smashed cars, and acted like a rabid band of raccoons searching for a victim to bite and infest with rabies. These punks were on such a destructive warpath that you’d think it was a gang of Germans invading Oakland looking for Jewish voters.

This was more deplorable than a a basket of Trump supporters could ever be.

Not only were these fools vandalizing and destroying property in their own neighborhood, they’re committing violent crimes that could put them in prison for a while. Then top it off with a conspiracy that George Soros bused protesters into the neighborhood and you’ve got a whole ton of research to consider.

Instead, I show/link you to two videos worth watching.

If these are your children, then you should be ashamed of raising a sh*tty kid.

These people need a hard knock lesson. When your team loses, then you do NOT act like this. You take your loss like a champ. You figure out how to win the next one. You study your opponent and figure out how they beat you and you try your best not to let it happen again.

Want to know a real hard truth – Trump won BECAUSE of people who do these things. Trump won because people are tired of the nonsense. People are tired of political correctness. People are tired of everyone being offended by every little stupid thing.

If anyone gets grabbed by the p*ssy, then it’s the people in this video, because that’s what they are.

Grow up, kids. Learn to take a joke, welcome sarcasm and criticism into your life, and stop being such a whiny entitled brat who thinks breaking things is a way to fix problems.

You can’t fix anything when all you do is break stuff.

Finish high school then make a career plan for yourself.

People who have a life aren’t out protesting. It’s only the losers who have nothing better to do.

If you had a family or a job, then you’d be at home minding your own business.

And let’s not forget, douches in Oakland who break things, that no matter who the POTUS is, it really doesn’t have a direct impact on your life.

You choose your own path in life and no President will really have much alteration on your decisions.

When you woke up this morning, nothing changed except for people’s attitudes and the junk that was burnt down and destroyed by idiot protests in places like Oakland.

Stop breaking things.

Stop setting fires.

Start getting jobs and being responsible adults who act like civil human beings.

If Trump lost, then you wouldn’t hear a damn thing except for some shady articles from guys like me.

If Trump lost, people wouldn’t burn down Oakland or block traffic on a highway.

You know why? Because the working middle class who voted for Trump can’t afford to set fires all night. We have to feed our kids this week, which means we need to go to work, which means we can’t sit in jail or risk getting ran over during a protest.

Does any of this make sense to the Black Lives Matter frauds in Oakland?

There’s an old saying…do the crime, do the time.

When will these folks get arrested?

Did any of the criminals in the Oakland protests vote, or are they just using this as another excuse to commit crime?

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