WATCH Hillary Clinton: Parking In Handicap Spaces And Laughing


From Louder with Crowder: There are few things in this world which really, really frustrate me. Yet, Hillary Clinton has managed to hit every one of those nerves again…

I spent two years as the personal assistant to a gentleman who is a quadriplegic. He is one of the most inspirational, positive people I’ve ever met. It only took my first day of working with him to realize that I really didn’t have anything – ever – to complain about. Does that mean I never complain? No. I’m human. But I’m also aware that my reasons pale in comparison when I do.

As his assistant, I’d regularly help him load into his customized van and chauffeur him around the city of Las Vegas. If that’s not intimidating enough, the guy was a former IndyCar driver. Yeah. That’s right. Little old me, driving a professional racer through the streets of Las Vegas. No pressure.

Mind you, this wasn’t a small van. It was a big van. Parking was no walk in the park.

As a result, I became very much aware of individuals who would park in handicap spaces who weren’t handicapped. It didn’t happen every day, but I was amazed at how much it did happen. I never understood it. Seriously, do you fancy yourself such a human specimen that walking an extra 20 yards would be unfathomable? Do you have any idea how hard it is to find a place to park these vans – let alone find two spaces so we have room to put the ramp up and down? That’s what the extra space with lines between the handicap spaces is there for, genius… not for your brand new Camaro to hang out so it doesn’t get a scratch.

That said… it also frustrates me when people assume because they can’t see anything physically wrong with an individual who parked in a handicap space, that they’re in the wrong. I have a friend who lost her leg in a car accident, but when she’s wearing pants, you’d never know it.

It’s a fine line. Just because someone doesn’t appear to be handicapped to you doesn’t mean they’re not. (So don’t rush to put a nasty note on their vehicle too quickly.) On the flip side, just because someone parks in a handicap space doesn’t mean they’re actually handicapped.

So riddle me this…… when Hillary Clinton’s campaign van parks in a handicap space, is it that she has a handicap we don’t know about, or………..

Here’s the video

What say you? Unnecessary parking, no big deal, or something else altogether? Sound off in the comments below!


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