WATCH! Hillary Clinton’s Brain SHUTS DOWN Again Mid Sentence! Something’s Not Right!


Another strange and questionable video appeared online of Hillary Clinton. Just a while ago their was a picture of a body handler carrying a diazepam pen which is only used for frequent seizure victims. Another picture appeared of people helping her walk up the stairs. Whatever is going on with her health something not good is up. A new video was released of her at a speaking engagement where she severely bumbled mid sentence.

Watch the video here,

One person, Jeanie Grear, commented on the video saying,

“Hillary appears to be continually having TIA’s…the stress of this campaign is having an effect on her and the more this happens the worse it may get. Her memory could be compromised over time if this is what is happening to her; even worse, it could be a warning of an impending stroke. I don’t wish her ill but she needs to come to terms with the fact that her health is becoming a major concern and the press is taking note.”

A user named WebsterCat said,

“She can’t lie, steal or murder her way out of this! She knows it, her handlers know it and we all know it. She is dying in front of us and I have absolutely no sympathy for her! She is getting what she deserves!”

One man named Dave, who responded to Jeanie Grear’s comment said,

“Her memory is already compromised, and if it isn’t then her morals are and either way she shouldn’t be running for president.”

Oceanpearl7777 said,

“I notice she gets these attack when people start to scream or yelling. #CrookedCrazyKillary will not make it to November in my humble opinion. She needs medical attention and not fit or healthy to run for president. Looks like both Hillary and Bill have major health problems and should just give it up and retire into the sunset. They both have made tons of money and can’t possibly spend it all, they will both di3 before they can spend it.”

Yet Hillary has the audacity to say Trump is unfit.

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