WATCH: Hillary Collapsed Today At Ground Zero 9/11 Memorial (VIDEO)

I’ve never had the perfect moment to use this word, until now. I am… flabbergasted!

America this is huge. Hillary Clinton was visiting the Ground Zero 9/11 Memorial and what happened soon after she was there is not going to be easy for her people to put a spin on.

I mean, we have pictures, we have video…

Secret Service agents had to rush Hillary out of the memorial after she had some kind of medical episode. There is a report even saying it was SO sudden that she even lost a shoe! WHAT THE!




This time what we have on Hillary is much different from other times. The video is very clear, and there is no mistaking that Hillary has some major medical funk going on.

She is seen not even being able to carry herself or stand up straight…

If they come out with something like her being dehydrated…they need to go slap themselves. That’s just too stupid, even for a liberal.

About that video…I give you EXHIBIT A:

I don’t know about you, but when I watched that video…it was on a loop. We all know she is not well, but we never expected to have this kind of unarguable proof! I almost had to pinch myself!

Here’s what we know. She was only there for 90 minutes when she had what people are calling a ‘fainting spell’. They blocked ALL reporters from seeing what was happening, locking them in doors.

But you saw the video right? Her knees were buckling ALL THE WAY to the car!
OH! As I was writing this an update came in…

They are saying she was ‘overheated’

Seriously? What’s the point? Even if you are “With Her” we’re talking about who is best fit to run a nation. If Hillary isn’t even fit enough to visit a memorial, how in the hell is she to run The United States Of America?!

This is no joke. I’m afraid Hillary and her people have their heads too far up their butts trying to hide the truth that they aren’t seeing the bigger picture here…

Now it’s just getting ridiculous.

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