WATCH: Hillary, NOT AWARE the CAMERA is ON CONFESSES to a Carreer Ending SCANDAL!

Hillary Clinton’s email scandal played a large role in her political career over the last few years. Especially during the 2016 presidential campaign. Some even argue that the reopening of her case during the final weeks of the election is what caused her to lose. Federal Bureau of Investigation Director James Comey ultimately decided that he would not recommend criminal charges against Clinton.

However, he did recognized that she showed extreme carelessness when handling classified information through her emails during her time as Secretary of State. A hidden camera was uncovered by ABC News that shows that Hillary knew her wrongdoing and was in the process of actively trying to hide it.

The video shows her interacting with Peter Paul who was a large contributor to her campaign. During the video she is even seen having dinner with him, laughing, as well as disclosing the fact that she had ceased to use her email now that the FBI was investigating her.

Which is contrary to her former statements that she had no idea what was going on or that she did anything wrong. Because if she had not done something wrong then she could have continued to use her emails with no issue. Paul allegedly donated over a million dollars to Clinton throughout the course of her campaign.

However, Clinton and her campaign only disclosed less than half of the total amount to the Internal Revenue Service. The theory is that she pocketed that money and used it illegally. But whatever she did do with it was definitely illegal because she is federally required by law to disclose any money donated to her campaign. To leave out five hundred thousand dollars donated is more than an illegal large sum that was not noted to the IRS.

Watch the video showing her flagrant admission here,

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