Watch What Hillary And Her Staff Do When The American Flag Came Crashing Down (VIDEO)

Hillary Clinton’s lack of patriotism and love of her country has been clear since Benghazi but even her recent actions pertaining to a snafu with the American flag at the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania this week surprised many. Then again she probably didn’t care considering all she has ever cared about is becoming President.

In a video of the events an American flag can be seen slowly falling over right in front of of her eyes and she, as well as everyone else ignores it when it tumbles to the ground.

Unfortunately nobody blinked an eye. It was right in front of her and right next to one of her top aides Huma Abedin. Yet they were completely oblivious or willfully ignoring them. A similar situation occurred last September on the campaign trail at a rally in the University of Wisconsin where the American flag adorned backdrop fell to the ground.

For an intelligent woman she seems to be rather incoherent as to why this was a disrespectful move that has bothered many, and rightfully so. Neither she or her campaign has released any comment on the matter to any media outlet apologizing for it.


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