There is no question as to whether or not veterans are more prepared than average civilians in situations where the ability to think on your feet is necessary. In this video, the home invader quickly received the message loud and clear, but it was too late for him to retreat.

According to LiveLeak, the veteran had been prepared for the invader, since his neighbor spotted him breaking in the same home earlier in the week. As anyone wanting to spring a trap might do, he “installed motion sensors and door chimes,” and waited for the inevitable return of the individual.

After two days of waiting, the criminal finally returned and the veteran got it on video.

The beginning of the video displays the invader casually walking up to what is presumed to be the front door. After looking around for possible witnesses or to distinguish whether or not anyone is home, he attempts to simply open the front door. When that does not work, he slowly walks away.

Instead of giving up, he made his way around the house, so he could gain entry elsewhere. The veteran confronts him, insisting that he wasn’t welcome and that he couldn’t leave the property until the Seattle police could speak to him.

This is when the invader panics and decides to try to get away from the Veteran.

According to Liveleak, the Veteran stated that the thief:

“tried a huge haymaker on the porch and ate an uppercut for his troubles.(off camera) He was just about ‘out’ on the porch but I realized I wanted anything that happened to be on camera so I drug him down the stairs.”

At this point, the two men are seen wrestling and the intruder is visibly trying, but failing, to get away. After several minutes, you see in the police in the background, running to aid the veteran.

Thankfully, this intruder was caught, and there was no damage to the property or the veteran.

Do you think this intruder got what he deserved?


Courtesy of Mad World News

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