(Conservative Tribune) Evidently at least one member of Congress has the courage and capacity to argue for common sense. Congressman Duncan Hunter (R-CA) opposes supplying arms to one Islamist militant group against for them use against a different Islamist militant group. He contends that we can’t fight Islamists by arming Islamists.

Congressman Hunter is a decorated veteran who served his country honorably in both Iraq and Afghanistan.

He bluntly argues against an amendment that would arm terrorists to go and fight the Islamic State because there are too many risks.

According to Congressman Hunter, “Here’s why I voted against arming the Syrian opposition. Crush ISIL, yes… but arming Syrian fighters presents too many problems/complications. I have outlined other steps to Secretary Hagel–which were provided weeks ago.”

According to Brandon Walker at MadWorldNews, “He has a very valid point. If we look at the major wars of Iraq and Afghanistan, you can see that arming Islamist governments to combat Islamist governments has been very costly, including the precious resource of the American blood of our military.”

This is a bad idea; we don’t need to repeat the mistakes of the past. It’s true that we need to fight Islamic radicals, but that cannot be successfully done by arming those who will later turn against us. We’ve seen this movie already, and it doesn’t end well.

We lack the ability to track our supplies and make sure that our weapons and communications systems, as well as training and tactics, do not fall into the hands of terrorists. The Islamic State even now is using American weapons gained from previous attempts to arm “moderate” rebels.

This policy would just create more instability in the region. It will perpetuate violence and resentment against the U.S. It will also create danger for ourselves and our allies when the project backfires.

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