[Watch] ISIS Suicide Bomber Infiltrates Military Base, Doesn’t Turn Out Well


As ISIS has set up camp just ten minutes down the road from a base housing 320 U.S. Marines, the public has become increasingly interested in developments in the area. Too bad for the Islamic extremists, after a suicide bomber infiltrated the Ayn al-Asad Airbase, they were just taught a lesson they likely won’t forget any time soon.

The extremist organization reportedly initiated their attack on the base with suicide bombers. According to ABC, members of ISIS disguised themselves in Iraqi military uniforms to get close to the base and detonated themselves. This unleashed a second wave of ISIS members onto the area, but they were unsuccessful in taking over the base.

All caught on tape was the moment an ISIS suicide bomber attempted to flee the soldiers on base by making a run for it. A flurry of gunfire is released on the man before an explosion – thought to be the terrorists vest detonating – is seen.

Unfortunately for him, he was successful in his suicide – just not how he wanted it.

It seems that the soldiers on base wanted to make sure that he was dead as shots could be heard firing for quite some time after the attempted bomber was downed. What do you think – will they be returning any time soon?

—Courtesy of Mad World News

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