From Mad world News Despite Obama saying that the religion of Islam has nothing to do with ISIS, believers of the religion have lately been coming out in numbers to prove him wrong. According to a new video, ISIS supporters rallied today in Homs, Syria where they burned an American flag in order to get across a point.

Although the video cannot be verified in terms of when this actually happened, the rally is predominantly supportive of ISIS as the notorious flags, seen being held by an almost countless number of participants, are indicative of such. Furthermore, some members of the demonstration even went so far, as can be seen in the video, of outlining exactly who they support by burning the American flag.

After watching the video, let us know what you think – are these just a few more of those “moderate” Muslims Obama’s always talking about? If ISIS does not act according to the Koran, and the members of this protest aren’t members of ISIS, then what does that make them?

By now, the point is pretty clear, Muslims – those in which Obama is so keen on protecting – are supporting ISIS and their vile atrocities against humanity.

From Mad world News

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