From Western Journalism: Talk about “audacity.” Talk about fundamentally changing the game. Redirecting the conversation about terrorism. Speaking the kind of unabashed, unvarnished truth that most world leaders wouldn’t dare to utter. Talk about what will have the world talking.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu — true to the character of a man unafraid of how his words might be turned against him — has given what’s being called a “landmark” address to the United Nations General Assembly.

In New York on Monday, Netanyahu issued a clear condemnation of the United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHRC). In the very building that houses the UN organization — to the very body that promotes its work — Netanyahu called the Council an “oxymoron”. Essentially, he charged it with enabling terrorism.

“The UNHRC is an oxymoron, but I’ll use it just the same,” he said. “Its policies are an extension of the oldest prejudice in the world. It’s a function of diseased minds: it’s called anti-Semitism, which is spreading in polite society, which is being legitimized as a form of criticism against Israel.”

In hard-hitting remarks that can only be described as “stunning”, Netanyahu said that ISIS and Hamas are “branches of the same poisonous tree.” Via

“Hamas is ISIS, and ISIS is Hamas,” he declared. “And what they share is what all Islamism shares: [. . .] they all have the same ideology, they all seek to establish a global militant Islam – where there is no freedom.”

“To them, anyone can be considered an infidel, including fellow Muslims.”
Even as Netanyahu’s speech was underway at the UN, Stanley Kurtz flash-posted at his admiration for the Prime Minister’s candor and willingness to tell it like it is in an age when so many tiptoe around issues involving terrorism:

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is addressing the United Nations General Assembly. He is also telling the truth about militant Islam, Iran, Hamas, and the United Nations’ own Human Rights Council in a way that few others can or will.

Everything that President Obama refuses to say about militant Islam is being boldly laid out by Netanyahu right now. I get impatient sometimes with our need for video. But Netanyahu’s speech today will live on, and deserves to be seen directly.
In sharp contrast with the tone and content of anti-Islamist speeches by Barack Obama, Benjamin Netanyahu took dead aim at radical Islam and cut loose with both barrels. Via CBS News New York:

“The Middle East is in chaos,” Netanyahu said. “States are disintegrating. And militant Islamists are filling the void. Israel cannot have territories from which it withdraws, taken over by Islamic militants yet again as happened in Gaza and Lebanon.

That would place the likes of ISIS within mortar range — a few miles of 80 percent of our population. Now think about that: The distance between the 1967 lines and the suburbs of Tel Aviv is like the distance between the UN building here and Times Square.”


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