Watch Israeli Soldiers Interrupt Lying Muslim Reporter (VIDEO)


(Conservative Post )  Faced with blatant lies, wouldn’t you act the same?

Three Israeli soldiers are facing possible disciplinary action after interrupting a live Arab news broadcast during which the correspondent was delivering a biased and deceitful spin on events.

The reporter was covering the Israeli army’s demolition of the house of a Palestinian terrorist who last month stabbed a Jewish soldier.

At first, the soldiers appeared to just be having a little fun, and the reporter could also be seen holding back a giggle. But when she described the home demolition as a “racist policy of collective punishment,” one of the soldiers, who apparently understood the Arabic, shouted “no, no, no.”

The IDF Spokesperson’s Unit issued a statement chastising the three for “behaving in a way unbecoming of IDF soldiers. In light of this incident, the rules of conduct regarding media outlets have been reviewed. The IDF will continue to allow freedom of the press in the West Bank.”

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