Watch Jesse Jackson Praise Donald Trump For 30 Years Of Helping African Americans

If you’re one of those people who think Donald Trump is racist, then you need to learn yourself something and stop acting a fool like Mr. T would tell ya!

Watch Jesse Jackson dive into an Olympic sized pool of thanks for Donald Trump and how he helped African Americans for the previous thirty years.

Lots of people call Donald racist and sexist. Those people are usually extreme leftists, liberals, democrats, and people with little intelligence. Let’s jump in the pool with Jesse Jackson and bring some knowledge you.

People say Donald Trump is racist.

No he’s not.

Donald Trump has not ever been called racist until he gained a bit of traction driving through the weak GOP candidates. He plowed through them so hard that people tried pulling the race card, but smart people didn’t bite. Typical low IQ people and extremists bit hard on it like a carrot, but that’s about it. Anyone with a brain knows Donald Trump isn’t racist. You can’t call a man racist because he wants to ensure border policies are firm and the country is secure from illegals. Do you want another sanctuary city criminal to rape another child like the kid in Philadelphia?

Bill Clinton said nearly the same thing about securing the American border, but people praised him for it because he was a democrat. You can say whatever you want if you’re a democrat, but not if you’re a republican or right winger. Anytime a right winger wins a political debate, they’re labeled as a racist. The leftists have two strengths – crying and calling people racist. If every liberal cried tonight, then they could pull California out of a drought and extinguish wildfires.

Donald Trump is sexist.

No he’s not. He’s funny. He dislikes Rosie O’Donnell and Megyn Kelly. Who doesn’t? Rosie’s own kid hates her, so it’s OK for Donald to dislike her too.

Megyn Kelly is just another irrelevant anchor. Nothing important or impressive about her. It’s not a problem that Trump dislikes her. People are allowed to dislike someone.

If you dislike Bill Cosby because he raped enough women to populate a small village, does that make you a racist because he’s black?

No. You just don’t like him because he plopped his pudding pop where it doesn’t belong.

Anything with color and you’re automatically a racist!

If a black guy rapes white women, and you dislike him for being a rapist, that also makes you a racist according to liberal logic!

That’s the same ridiculous logic that calls Donald Trump racist for wanting to protect the American border.

If Donald Trump was racist, then there’s no way he’d kiss a black baby.

Donald Trump Black Baby

Racism went away years ago. The only time that racism returns is when the mainstream media turn every news story into a race bait trap or if a liberal/leftist/democrat loses a debate and calls the winner a racist.

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