Judge Jeanine Pirro talks about how to prosecute Hillary Clinton. She also mentions the things she did and what ways a prosecution could solidify a case against Clinton for multiple things. Then there’s the part where she has you thinking Bill Clinton is the next Bill Cosby.

What’s the point in destroying a server if there’s nothing to hide?

Where do all these rape accusations on Bill Clinton come from?

Why do people want to vote for Hillary and put Bill back in the White House when he was almost run out of it after his scandal with Monica Lewinsky and his impeachment charges. Sure, he was acquitted, and that’s fine. But is that who American’s really want in the White House?

Where will the case against Hillary even begin? Benghazi? Emails? Servers? Bill Clinton’s rape accusers?

Will there be more than one case or prosecution? Do you think she’s worried about it or does she have it already wrapped up on the down low?

Let’s watch Judge Jeanine talk about the prosecution of Hillary Clinton.

US HERALD – Pirro’s vast experience within the judicial system she believes there’s a real possibility that there enough evidence to justify a “prosecutable case” regarding the mishandling of classified intelligence, and the willful destruction of evidence after being served a subpoena.

Judge Pirro went on to explain: “You’ve got a prosecution for perjury, for lying, obstruction of justice, tampering with evidence, it’s all there.”

Donald Trump has been a very rich man surrounded by beautiful women for 30+ years and he was not ever accused of anything horrid until he gained ground against Hillary Clinton and her deplorable democrats.

Donald Trump wasn’t ever called a racist until he gained ground as the leading GOP nominee for President.


I see what they did there.

Do you?

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