WATCH: Kaepernick Prepared To Kneel For Anthem When Crowd ERUPTED In AMAZING CHANT To Show Him They Are NOT HAVING IT!

Before San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick knelt during the national anthem in Sunday’s game against the Buffalo Bills, a loud chant of “USA, USA” rang out at New Era Field. The quarterback’s protest had received negative feedback on his home field in San Francisco of all places – and trust me, the world only gets more conservative than San-Fran.

The purpose of the chants were obvious – to question Kaepernick’s patriotism for his protest of perceived racial oppression in the United States. The man is so oppressed that he was adopted and raised by white parents, and earns an annual salary of $19 million to pass a ball around. He sure has it rough!

His team ended up suffering a 45-16 loss that night.
As the US Herald reported:

The hapless first time starting quarterback, along with safety Eric Reid did their “dog and pony” show on the sidelines where Kaepernick would have been better off remaining, rather than playing.

Kaepernick lackluster performance on the gridiron finished 13 for 29 with 187 years and one touchdown, rushed for 66-yards on 8-carries, for a 45-16 loss to the Bill’s.

Coach Chip Kelly was asked after the game if Kaepernick would remain as the 49ers starting quarterback, his response “Yeah, we’ll see.”

Moreover Kaepernick was greeted with a chorus of boos when he took to the field which continued through several snaps from the boisterous hometown fans, and perhaps his lackluster performance on Sunday most likely had to do with the fact that this was Kaepernick first outing as a starting quarterback since week-8 of last season.

The overwhelming majority of Americans of all ages oppose Kaepernick’s protest, so it’s hard to imagine what good will actually end up coming out of it. Of all qualified people in the world, the man who will resolve whatever racial injustices that Kaepernick perceives sure as hell won’t be him.

It it really a surprise that in Kaepernick’s eyes America began to suck right around the same time that he began to suck? I can’t help but think that the two phenomenon are connected.

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