WATCH: Latino Democrat DESTROYS Hillary and Liberals “You Just Sucked Hillary” You DIVIDED AMERICA!

Lots of Democrats voted for Donald Trump because Hillary and the butt hurt liberals hate America, color code everyone, call everyone racist, and quite frankly can’t even figure out their own gender while they’re examining each other in a safe space.

Then the Democrat party tried blaming Russia. Ha! How about your party stinks, your candidate stinks, and Hillary’s campaign was one of the worst in history? Did she even target the cities where she was 50/50? Who ran this campaign, a room full of sheep? Sure seems like it because Donald Trump’s campaign was great. Meanwhile, dopes like Tim Kaine and his droopy eyebrow couldn’t barely get 30 people to attend his events.

How bad is it that Hillary lost to an orange guy who spray tans and has ZERO political experience.

Hillary didn’t lose because of Russia, racism, or fear – she lost because she stinks and people finally realized that. Any other woman who was secretary of state would’ve probably won. Just not Hillary.

You can’t run around the country calling half of the population a basket of deplorables, racists, xenophobes, Islamophobes, or any of the other nonsense name calling the leftists thought would sway people in their direction. Throw an -ism on any word and I’m sure a leftists has called you it. It’s what democrats and liberals do everytime they’re losing an argument. They’ll just call you a name and think that’s what wins.



I believe most people voted for Trump. I’m almost certain that many of Hillary’s votes were fraudulent anyway, which is more startling because that would mean she couldn’t even cheat enough to win.

Here’s a strong Latina woman who voices her opinion on the matter.

A lifelong democrat who grew a brain and realized there’s no hope for the future being ran by democrats. Look at all the cities they have mayors – most of them are poor and have been poor for decades. No hope there either.

This Latina for Trump did an awesome job and we welcome her to the right side of the tracks.

Together we will put this country back on top of the charts where it should be. It’s a wonderful country and we’re going to work on improving it every day.

The leftists can sit in their safe space and wait for the participation award, or they can grow up and act like adults and learn how to work together without crying about everything.

Leftists can be scum or be part of something great.

What’s it going to be?

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