From Mad World News: Leftist media show host Melissa Harris-Perry, along with her panel of Muslim sympathizers blatantly disregarded Islam as the Oklahoma beheading suspect’s religion while referring to him as a “gentleman,” calling the incident “workplace violence.”

On her self-titled show for MSNBC, Harris-Perry downplayed the gruesome crime and went on a progressive political correctness rant to persuade viewers on the insignificance of the suspect’s ties to Islam.

Either the panel is completely out of touch or intentionally ignores all the latest information that has surfaced about the 30-year-old beheader, Alton Nolen, who made Facebook posts referring to Islam and jihad and warning America in recent weeks that Sharia law was coming to this country in another post.

One of the discussion panel members — who is Muslim — eagerly blamed “right-wing media” for perpetuating the narrative of Nolen’s faith, claiming that it “will be used.” Harris-Perry agreed and ran with the sentiment having compared Nolen’s Muslim religion to being of no more importance than what she had for breakfast that morning:

“I think this to me is that there is a belief that at the core–I can also probably have breakfast that morning but we don’t think any of those things are relevant. But we do think that his conversion, jailhouse by the way, conversion is what is relevant.”

The group disregarded the fact that since the beheading of a worker at a food processing plant in Moore, Oklahoma last week, it’s come to light that Nolen is affiliated with a mosque in Oklahoma City, according to News Busters.

Meanwhile, in the same weekend this ridiculous show aired, it was reported that another Oklahoma man has been arrested for threatening to behead a co-worker, according to theOklahoman:

In what the local media is calling “a bizarre coincidence,” police arrested a fired Oklahoma City nursing home worker on Friday after he allegedly threatened to cut off a co-worker’s head. Jacob Mugambi Muriithi, 30, is being held in the Oklahoma County jail on a terrorism complaint. His bail is set at $1 million, the report stated.

Only the leftist media would spin a man’s conversion to Islam a year before beheading a coworker by calling it “workplace violence.” Instead of discussing the influence Islam had in the execution of an innocent Oklahoma woman, the network and their guests would rather skirt the real issues at hand in an effort to protect the image of a religion that promotes horrific brutality. Read more from Mad World News

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