Mad World News: As President Obama said, you can’t expect to have 100 percent freedom and 100 percent security. Taking his advice, it’s time we start profiling the type of person that has presented a major threat to the U.S. — Muslims.

Of course not every Muslim is a terrorist, but how can you tell which ones are? You can’t which is why every Islamist is a suspect.

We don’t have a problem with extreme Buddhists, we have a problem with extreme Muslims, and that problem is causing mass slaughter worldwide.

With Islam producing the most terrorists of any religion, group, or culture in the world, it’s time to focus the lens on the area where, statistically, the most danger lies.

The panel on Fox News Channel’s Cashin’ In has just the solution – profile all Muslims. Although this type of precaution would potentially reduce the risk of terror attacks, it will never fly with liberals. They are much too concerned with appeasing the demands of a culture that refuses to assimilate, rather than saving American lives.

Perhaps it’s impossible to determine who is a threat, or even a Muslim for that matter, by appearance or behavior alone. Although, if someone is walking around with a Hamas neck scarf and carrying a copy of “Fortress of the Muslim,” maybe they warrant a second glance.

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