[Video] Locals Stand United Against Atheists' Demands at Tense Public Meeting(From  Mad World News) Spencer, NC – Locals living in the Rowan-Salisbury school district in North Carolina gathered to stand united and speak against the Wisconsin-based Freedom From Religion Foundation (FFRF), who demanded the district must cease to allow Christian themed classes based on allegations that it violates the Constitution.

The Bible-based classes, offered as an elective to students that choose to take part, are funded by a private organization and not the taxpayers of the district.

According to WCNC News, all but one of the attendees of the very crowded town-hall style meeting were in favor of keeping the classes. The individual in dissent chose to keep his comments to himself until after the meeting when he gave this statement to WCNC:

[pull_quote_center]“I would not have a problem with it if it was presented in context with other religions; if they were also teaching the Quran and they were also teaching the Torah.”[/pull_quote_center]

In response to his statement, I feel I need to point out that it doesn’t seem that he has a problem with religion being taught on public school property in general, but with the classes being Christian in nature. Since the classes are elective to the students and are privately funded, I’m not sure what solution would be logically available to put a band-aid on his “feel-bads.”

Oh wait, I have an idea — if he has a child in one of the schools that are teaching the Bible-based classes perhaps he could CHOOSE to talk to his kid and have his child elect NOT to take the class? You know, free will and all that.

Watch the video:

School Board officials have said that they have spoken to their attorneys and they  will render a decision “sooner rather than later.” Let’s pray they choose in favor of religious freedom.

What is a Wisconsin-based FFRF chapter doing shoving their nose in this North Carolina community’s business anyway? If all but one resident with a weak argument is all for it and it is a privately funded and a wholly voluntary elective, what’s the problem?

Although an attempt to incorporate it would likely fall flat on its face for lack of participation, no one has said they would refuse to allow other religious groups to offer the same deal or that they would be outraged at the prospect.

[Video] Locals Stand United Against Atheists' Demands at Tense Public Meeting

However, if that particular compromise were attempted then the FFRF, being “Free From Religion” and all, would probably be equally as indignant, wouldn’t they? Maybe not, judging from the ZERO lawsuits or demand letters initiated by them against religions not of Judeo-Christian roots.

Atheists, leave our kids alone!

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