WATCH as Man Drives Hummer H1 Through Flood In Houston, Texas..CRAZY!!

Texas does everything bigger! This is AMAZING! I’m buying a Hummer now! Wow! I wanna drive underwater!

Texas is inundated with torrential rain and biblical flooding. Roads are turning to rivers and carrying cars off all over the joint. Perfect time to take the ol’ Hummer out for a test drive!

What It's Like To Drive A Hummer H1 Through A Flooded City

Just when I thought the H1 was kind of played, these are exciting all over again.

Looks like there’s an outfit in Houston called EVS Motors that sells heavily farkled Hummer H1s as a brand called “Search And Destroy.” The trucks look straight out of a movie set, like some kind of superhero/black-opsmobile for rich guys who want to play solider.

What It's Like To Drive A Hummer H1 Through A Flooded City

They have three “Tiers” of progressively heavier loadouts but each truck is a rolling shock-and-awe campaign. I have to admit they’re remarkably cool looking.

Anyway, it appears that they’ve taken the Houston floods as an opportunity to test their mettle (“metal” too, I guess) in the kind of extreme environment people who own these trucks must pray for every day.

What It's Like To Drive A Hummer H1 Through A Flooded City

It’s a little more hardcore than the puddle-splashing DeMuro and I did in Philadelphia last year– at some points the water is well over the hood here.

I’m guessing from the square-orientation that this video was shot for Facebook live, but it’s still a shame they couldn’t get a passenger to hold the camera so it wouldn’t be quite so Cloverfield. Still pretty wild.

Here’s the long cut if you can handle 18 minutes of square-screen video:

Via Truck Yeah

Houston, TX – More than a foot of rain has fallen in Houston over the past two days. According to CNN, at least five people have been killed in flooding that has covered the Houston region which has forced the evacuation of hundreds.

Michael Walter, who is with The Houston Office of Emergency management said things are starting to improve but Houston continues to have areas of high water across the roadways.

In his Interview on Here and Now, Walter urges the public not to drive into areas of high water. He said, “If you cannot see the roadway, that water is too high for you.”

In the video above, a camera from inside a Hummer H1 appears close to being underwater as it powers through a flooded area and successfully navigates itself back out of the water.

More rain is expected to fall today and a flash flood watch remains in effect for Houston until 7 a.m. CT tomorrow.

Via Syracuse Post-Standard

“For God and Country—Geronimo, Geronimo, Geronimo……..Geronimo E.K.I.A.” -U.S. Navy SEAL VI

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