Given the general hysteria currently surrounding Ebola, one would think it’s not something you would joke about, especially in public – or on a crowded airplane packed full of people. That’s exactly what one man recently did and boy did he learn the hard way after thinking it’d be funny to shout “I have Ebola,” amidst an already tense plane load of passengers.

The incident took place aboard a U.S. Airways flight from Philadelphia to the Dominican Republic over the weekend. Apparently after sneezing, the unidentified man was said to have shouted, “¡Tengo ébola!” (“I have Ebola” in English) according to local reports.

Further frightening passengers on the flight, the man reportedly continued to cough for the rest of the flight, as well as claim to have been to Africa during recent days.

According to Mediaite, “Once U.S. Airways Flight 845 landed in Punta Cana International Airport, passengers waited several hours on the tarmac while a flight attendant outwardly called the unidentified man an ‘idiot’ for his actions.”

Suddenly, the plane was swarmed with a handful of intimidating medical officers donning blue hazmat suits promptly taking the man, who previously thought he was funny, away. The worry wasn’t over for fellow passengers, however, until the man was later deemed not to have had Ebola on account of a non-existent fever and actually not having been to Africa either.

Man Learns the Hard Way Not to Shout “I Have Ebola” on an Airplane [WATCH]

After quite the delay, those fearing they’d caught the virus, were allowed to leave with full confidence that the entire incident was nothing more than a prank gone wrong.

What do you think – with fear and tension running as high as it is about Ebola, would you ever attempt a joke at the expense of an entire plane full of passengers like this man did? Let us know what you think of this nitwit in the comments below.

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