There doesn’t seem to be too many black people who are willing to speak out against their own and call them out for poor behavior, but when it happens, we should all stop and listen. A man by the name of Fredrick Wilson II released a video following the shooting death of robbery suspect Michael Brown, and along with perfectly defining the issues with many in the black community, he offers excellent advice on how to start changing things.

The video was originally posted to YouTube in August, but has only recently been getting major attention on Reddit after Monday’s announcement that Officer Darren Wilson won’t face any indictments for Brown’s death. As the looting and rioting in Ferguson rages on, Wilson II’s words are more relevant now than ever, and many would be wise to listen to what he’s saying.

In the video, Wilson first acknowledges that slavery was an atrocious period for our nation, which we all agree with. But he points out that while it was horrible for those who experienced it, there’s not a single person alive today who is directly affected by it, and “if your life is messed up, it ain’t because of slavery.”

“So in 2014, if your life is messed up. Look in the mirror, look at what you’re doing, look at what you’re not doing and take some personal responsi-damn-bility for yourselves and for your lives,” he said.

Wilson then points out that those who live in sketchy neighborhoods only have themselves to thank for it because “rich white people” aren’t sneaking in during the middle of the night and causing problems.

“If your neighborhood is messed up, it’s because the people in your neighborhood continually mess it up,” he said.

Wilson explains the obvious in why anybody would be harassed by a police officer, not just black men. Citing a man who was shot and killed during the initial protests in Ferguson, he asks why anybody would think it’s a good idea to “run up on two cops” after they have repeatedly told you to drop whatever you’re holding and put your hands up.

“Stop doing crime,” he said.

The most powerful and accurate portion of the video comes when Wilson explains why a “young black man” would have the stigma attached to him that “he’s up to no good” before anybody has any interaction with him.

“That’s the perception that we keep giving people,” he explains. “The way we act, the way we carry ourselves. The fact that, how many men out there have criminal records before they turn 18. How many men before they turn 25 have been incarcerated at least once?”

He continues, explaining that it’s become acceptable to “glorify ignorance” and such behavior only contributes to the negative perception. He says that black people only have other black people to thank if they get harassed by the police, comparing it to rolling the dice at a craps table and saying if stopping a black man didn’t yield an officer any results, then officers would stop pulling over black men.

The video ends with Wilson explaining that it’s up to the black community to change things if they want them to get better. Starting with personal responsibility is the key, according to him, and taking “some pride in yourselves” so that the ignorance on display doesn’t happen anymore.

“Everything is not always somebody else’s fault,” he says. “Sometimes, it’s just you.”

Check out the entire powerful monologue below, then let us know if you think he’s right:

Courtesy of Mad World News

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