WATCH: Megyn Kelly Drops Huge Bombshell About Terrorist Mosque in Oklahoma


As we watch the rise of the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria, with all of it’s brutality and beheadings, we are seeing an influx of foreign radicalized jihadist fighters to the region, with many of them coming from Europe and North America.

This has led to closer scrutiny of some Islamic Mosques here in America, which has revealed that some of them may be working as recruitment centers for ISIS.

Now that there has been a beheading in Oklahoma, the heartland of America, there is an extra sense of urgency to the need to check out the Mosques that radicalized jihadists are attending.

Fox NewsMegyn Kelly has been looking closely at the Mosque attended by the Oklahoma beheader, and what she found is disturbing.

Alton Nolen, the beheading suspect, converted to Islam while serving time in prison for assaulting a police officer.

Obviously, there is no direct connection between Nolen and Moussaoui, but in attending the same Mosque, they may have been in contact with some of the same people.

Furthermore, the fact that at least two attendees of the Mosque went on to plot and/or commit violent terrorist acts, means that said Mosque must be closely monitored for active involvement in the radicalization and recruitment of jihadists.

We are all about freedom of religion and freedom of speech in this country, and Muslims certainly enjoy the same Constitutional protections of their rights as everyone else.

However, if a certain Mosque is taking advantage of those freedoms and liberties to recruit and train people who would do harm to this country, then perhaps it is best that said Mosque be shut down.

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