(Mad World News) Last night, Megyn Kelly sat down with CDC Director Dr. Tom Frieden to discuss the failure of the CDC to properly train medical personnel caring for Ebola patients, which may have been the cause of a nurse and now a second healthcare professional both being infected with the disease.

In this interview, Ms. Kelly pulled no punches in her line of questions for Frieden. She brought up some common sense precautions that to date, have not been implemented.

The most alarming of which involve personal protective equipment (PPE). Besides personnel not receiving proper training at the Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital in Dallas on how to don and remove PPE, there also seems to be glaring short-comings in the level of protection the gear provides. According to Kelly, there is no requirement for head coverings nor is it mandated that there be foot coverings.

Dr. Frieden defends the PPE protocol and claims that those extra barriers aren’t necessary to stop the spread of the virus. With the diagnoses just today of a second healthcare worker at that hospital having tested positive for Ebola, it is obvious that something about containing the disease is being over-looked.

[Video] Megyn Kelly RIPS CDC Director Frieden on Failure to Contain Ebola

Why then, even with the most miniscule of possibilities of that being true, aren’t the healthcare providers required to prevent their foot wear from being contaminated and tracking the disease from the patient’s room to other areas of the hospital and even into their own homes?

Could the nurse’s contaminated shoes have been the vehicle for transmission that caused her and the other worker’s infections? We know that in the right environment, Ebola can live for quite some time on surfaces, so I think it’s a fair question to ask and should either be confirmed or eliminated as a source immediately!

As you have seen in the clip of the interview, Dr. Frieden doesn’t seem to be doing anything but politicking on the CDC’s handling of the situation in the US. He recites a lot of hollow assurances on why the protocol they have in effect is good enough, and he offers unconvincing excuses on why we can’t better protect the US by banning flights in and out of West Africa. I wonder if he feels like an ass after doing this interview last night, then finding out there is a second health care worker infected as of this morning.

It sounds to me as if whoever is pulling Dr. Frieden’s strings really has no interest in preventing an outbreak in our country, but that is a whole other conversation.

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