Megyn Kelly isn’t a woman who puts up with nonsense.

And she just unleashed that tough-as-nails attitude on a radio host who was making excuses for thugs in Ferguson.

Richard Fowler hosts a talk show and is seen as a “rising star” among Democrats.

Megyn Kelly invited him as a guest to give his views during her Fox News show, but he quickly embarrassed himself.

Note: The exchange between Kelly and Fowler begins at around 4:36 in the video.

He began trying to defend the rioters in Ferguson. “There’s a lot of people that are very angry about this, that the grand jury did not come down with an indictment…”

Then he put his foot in his mouth with a completely inane claim: That the grand jury in Ferguson wasn’t actually a real jury.

“There’s mixed stories here,” said Fowler. “There’s two sides here, and it really should be heard by a jury.”

Megyn Kelly got impatient. “They were! Both sides were heard.”

Fowler repeated his claim that somehow, a grand jury means nothing. “But… I’m talking about, there should have been an official jury trial… it should have gone to a real jury.”

That’s when Kelly unloaded on the liberal radio host. “These fires have been stoked by people who refuse to trust in the system, the grand jury system, which is the way our country works!

She went on: “And that grand jury met for three months… twelve people, in good faith… and they looked at all the evidence.”

“Sixty witnesses they listened to, and they disagreed with you. They know more than you do, and they said there’s no probable cause for any of these charges. Who are you to second guess them?”

Fowler acted confused and then tried to blame the grand jury decision on someone else. “Clearly this prosecutor made some blunders!”

Kelly then pointed out that the case shouldn’t have even gone to a grand jury, because there was no clear evidence that Officer Wilson broke the law.

“Perhaps it’s because people are being misinformed, Richard… because the truth is, nine cases out of ten, there wouldn’t have been even a grand jury proceeding. Nine times out of ten, they believe the law enforcement officer, and their testimonials. But in this case, it went to another level, they got another level of review!”

“You’re ignoring what the prosecutor told us,” scolded the Fox News host. “That man who wound up shot dead, attacked a police officer! After he had just committed a robbery…Then charged the officer.”

Finally, Fowler showed without a doubt that he was more interested in a false agenda than the actual truth. He repeated the line about Brown having his hands up — which has been repeatedly disproved by witnesses and physical evidence.

The fact is, there was no case against Officer Darren Wilson from the beginning. It’s spectacular to see Megyn Kelly call out the lies and stand up for the American legal system.

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