Watch How Melania Trump Kicked Off President Trump’s Rally Today—Put Michelle Obama To Shame!

President Trump is only a month into his 4 (8) year stunt in the White House and journeyed to Melbourne, Florida to host a campaign rally. He spoke about health care laws, dissed a few news media outlets (YOU’RE FAKE NEWS), and mentioned the Trump Wall.

Trump also spoke of ways to reduce regulations in order to generate new jobs and do something about the immigration issue that was idiotically blocked in the courts by a liberal judge.

The best part about the rally was hearing Melania Trump start with the Lord’s Prayer. Whether you believe in religions or not, prayer unites people and is a moment of peaceful gratitude to be thankful for who we are, what we have, and reminds us to keep making America great again.

Melania Trump lead the crowd in reciting the Lord’s Prayer at the beginning of President Trump’s rally in Melbourne, Fla., Saturday.

The first lady took the stage and said the prayer before introducing her husband.

“Thank you,” she told the crowd. “Thank you. Let us pray.”

Melania Trump rocked the prayer to a PACKED CROWD and the people loved it. Americans love their religious beliefs and believe it brings us together at a time where we need to stand tall.

Even though Melania Trump is A LEGAL immigrant, she still loves America and all that our great country offers. She began Donald’s rally in the best way possible. Getting everyone’s attention, hushing the crowd with a prayer in unison, then letting the Trumpster take over.

When Michelle Obama spoke, it was like she hated this country. She lived in a house built by slaves, blah blah blah. It always seemed anti-American and “I’m better than you” with her. Maybe not always, but there was many times where she rubbed the crowd the wrong way and it felt like she didn’t really want to be the First Lady. It was like she was there, so she’ll do it, but she rather watch Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and ruin school lunches with her dirt-lunch program that every kid hated.

I’ll take the immigrant First Lady who loves America over the natural born citizen who hates it.

Melania isn’t from around here, but at least she loves it.

Now the age difference between her and Trump… well that’s kinda funny!

My man Donald pulls in the hot young models!!

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