(From Mad World News) If the Obama’s have proved anything, it’s that their policy always seems to turn into brute forced legislation on account of the so-called “legacy.” With Barack it’s Obamacare, and with Michelle it’s her “let’s move” campaign – and neither have exhibited any signs of putting an end to their abysmal work.

Most recently, presenting herself as every bit as trashy as she is and making a complete fool of herself in the process, Michelle was seen dancing with a turnip on the White House vine profile. For those unaware, Vine is a video sharing site that allows users seven seconds to record whatever they want and the video can be seen on a constant loop.

In the video, Michelle plays off the song “Turn Down For What” by brandishing a turnip while saying, “Turn up for what?” — a play on the words of the pop song and the root vegetable in her hand.


According to Urban Dictionary, turn up is defined as:


1) Getting loose, being wild and potentially engaging in sexual activity with members of the opposite gender (or the same gender if that’s what you’re in to)

2) Acting crazy due to consumption of large amounts of alcohol, marijuana, mollyor other drugs


The song that the reputable First Lady of The United States is dancing to implies that those listening to the song don’t want to “turn down,” but rather “turn up,” thus the question “turn down for what?”

As Vox explains:


In order to explain “turn down” you have to first understand turnt or turnt up.That’s slang and a way for people to say that they’re having a really good time, sometimes with the help of alcohol or weed.

If being turnt up is so fun, why would someone want to turn (turnt) down?

That’s the point.

“Turn down for what” is a song about keeping the partying going. “Fire up that loud/Another round of shots” is Lil Jon telling you or someone to keep the party going. (Loud is slang for good quality marijuana.)

“Turn down for what?” is a rhetorical question. There’s nothing, at this moment in time, that’s worth coming down from this high, Lil Jon feels. What would make you want to sober up instead of being drunk/high/having a good time?



Besides the fact that Michelle has made herself out to be a fool once again to push her ridiculous legacy, how do you feel about the First Lady dancing to a song of this nature?

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