[WATCH] Mother 'STUNNED' Over Sick Question On Student's Assignment

It can certainly be a challenge to get high school students excited and engaged in a genetics lesson, so one North Carolina teacher decided to toss in a racist sexual stereotype to get the concept across. If attention on the subject matter was what this educator wanted, it was definitely achieved — in all the wrong ways.

Parents of the Charlotte public school students are up in arms over a word problem that appeared on a biology quiz which talked about “booties” and baby daddies, local news source WBTV reported.


Never mind that the slang word referencing the derriere wasn’t even spelled correctly, that’s the least of the parent’s concerns who feel this word problem was way out of the bounds for high school kids.

“I was completely stunned,” a mother told the news outlet. “This is not appropriate language at all for the children in the school.”

According to an image of the assignment provided to WBTV, the “bootie” question was nestled between over creatively-worded problems which revolved around “stinky feet” and the height of plants.[WATCH] Mother 'STUNNED' Over Sick Question On Student's Assignment

The teacher has since apologized to the parents in an e-mail explaining that the worksheet had been passed down to her by other teachers who have been using it. It was also reportedly part of the “Summer School Biology Notebook Packet” that teachers were given by the school district. “I apologize if it offended you or your child,” the teacher said.

Creative new approaches in teaching are welcome, but it should also be considered that an education is supposed to better the individual and mold them into tomorrow’s leaders, not perpetuate a stereotype.

Watch WBTV’s report on the incident here:

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