WATCH Muslim Make Brussels Memorial His Soapbox, Leaves Crowd PISSED (VIDEO)

The Brussels memorial area is still heavily laden with many mourners. However, it also seems to be attracting pro-terrorist, anti-Israel demonstrators. When a Muslim man stood in the middle of the makeshift memorial, amid the flowers, he launched into a disgusting diatribe captured on video, and the crowd was quick to show their disagreement.

Known for their large Muslim population, Brussels is a place divided. These brazen public displays are pissing off Belgians who don’t want Muslims in their country anymore.


Muslim man stands inside Brussels memorial.

Only a few days ago, a Muslim woman was caught tearing up the Israeli flag at the Brussels memorial. This woman was carrying a Palestinian flag, and her actions disgusted everyone who saw it.

This time, a man went further, using the memorial as his soapbox and shouting with a real anger “Palestine, Palestine, Palestine.” The crowd responded with jeering and booing, but when police took him away, the crowd cheered and applauded.

According to a Twitter post, this man went directly to the place where Israeli flags were located to stand on those flags. The fact that these Muslims think its OK to do such blatant demonstrations reflects the overall reality of Brussels.

via Mad World News

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