WATCH: Muslim Migrants RIOT In Ohio – Demand Free Housing While Our Veterans Sleep On Park Benches

Listen to the  the refugees in Europe, and you’re more likely to get the impression that they’re dissapointed tourists than refugees. Just watch the video below, where ‘Desperate’ Syrian migrants whine about slow internet, not enough money for cigarettes and low quality food at refugee camps…

And would you believe many of them in the U.S. are the same way?

As the U.S. Herald reported:

In 2012 in Columbus, Ohio hundreds of Somali refugees has to be maced by the police over protests demanding free housing. This is just the tip of the iceberg. We now have a President who has the will to do something about the massive influx of migrants.

This is sickening because our own veterans are living on the streets yet we import these people and give them housing. While the refugee resettlement agencies will tell you this is paid for…it’s not. Please watch the video below and know that thousands more Muslim refugees have come to Ohio since 2012…Wake up Ohio!

And this was BEFORE Obama opened up the floodgates to Syrian refugees! We’ve brought in tens of thousands more thanks to him.

And what will the cost of all that be?

A recent analysis finds that admitting 10,000 refugees to the United States presents a net lifetime cost to taxpayers of $6.5 billion, meaning that under the current plan to admit 85,000 refugees this fiscal year, taxpayers will be on the hook for $55 billion. For the cost of resettling one refugee in America, we could successfully resettle 12 refugees in the region.

Can’t you think of a billion other things we can do with fifty-five billion dollars? Our national debt is a whopping $20 trillion for crying out loud.

It costs over $12,000 a year to resettle a refugee in America, versus $1000 a year to resettle them in the middle east. Why don’t oil rich countries like Qatar and Saudi Arabia (which haven’t taken in a SINGLE refugee) take up the burden?

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