An honorable military man who went to great lengths to remain anonymous while making a very public display of patriotism Tuesday morning — Veterans Day — brought many Utah motorists to tears. The unnamed man stood in salute while dressed in his full Army uniform on an overpass with the American flag by his side.

Commuters along I-15 in Lehi, a suburban town south of Salt Lake City, were humbled by his efforts and scrambled to alert leading local news outlet KSL-TV to bring attention to the man who simply wanted to pay his respects.[WATCH] Mystery Man in Military Uniform Brings Commuters to Tears

The soldier who concealed his identity in part by wearing sunglasses told KSL ,“I don’t want anybody to know who I am if I can help it.” Adding, “I’m not here to make any big, grand statements for anybody. Just enjoying the day.” He made the day of many others too while he was at it.

The news station interviewed the soldier who maintained his anonymity so the focus would be on the thankful civilians that he and countless others have protected over the course of American history, often with their lives.

“I had a guy stop, an older gentleman — here he was all crying already,” the soldier told KSL. “[He] got out of his car and shook my hand. It about made me all tear up.”

Many in the state have speculated about who this mystery man might be, noting that his uniform indicates he may be a warrant officer, which according to the U.S. Army website is an “adaptive technical expert, combat leader, trainer and adviser.”

Others are less concerned with his identity and more impressed by the fact that he wanted to remain anonymous, which they feel shows the true character of the soldier and signifies the sacrificial nature and selflessness of all those in America’s armed forces, past and present.

From the overwhelming response, the man has felt a sense of appreciation that hit him right in the heart.

“It means a lot to me,” he told KSL. “It means a lot to a lot of people.”

Watch locals show their appreciation in the footage below, provided by KSL:

Courtesy of Mad World News


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