The ABC News profile of ten-year-old Shyanne Roberts, a young firearms enthusiast, seemingly raised the blood pressure of the reporter covering the story.

In the video, which started out as a report on the recent growth of women gun owners and shooters, Shyanne is shown handling several different firearms, from a shotgun, to a semi-automatic rifle to a 9mm handgun. ABC’s Reena Ninan called her “one of the shooting world’s youngest rising female stars.”

During the course of the interview, Shyanne and her father, Dan, are shown shooting side by side and attending competitions. Dad says that his daughter’s skills were obvious when she first picked up a gun.

When did he know she had the ability to compete? Dan told ABC, “When they start calling their shots and they tell you where it’s going to hit before they do it — that’s usually a pretty good sign.”

In the middle of the story, the young girl and Ninan sat in the woods and talked about and handled the guns she likes to shoot. The veteran reporter quickly confessed, “All this makes me nervous, very nervous.”

Image: ABC News screen capture

The unflappable 10-year-old did not blink, responding, ”If you learn how to handle them right, and not hurt yourself, it’s not really scary at all. It’s pretty fun.”

The story included comments from anti-gun activist, Leah Gunn Barrett, the executive director of New Yorkers against Gun Violence. Barrett doesn’t think young kids like Shyanne should have guns, telling ABC, “Children are small, they’re not adults, they don’t have the physical strength and necessarily the coordination to handle very, very powerful weapons.”

The video showing Shyanne and a few other young female shooters appears to contradict Ms. Barrett’s opinion.

Courtesy of the Blaze



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