WATCH – New York Muslim Says It’s Okay To Sleep With 9-Year-Old Girl For THIS Sick Reason

Watch this suck Muslim explain how it’s OK for them to sleep with 9-year-old girls.

That’s right. Muslims think it’s OK to sleep with kids.

The Muslims haven’t evolved yet. They’re still barbaric. They don’t know what we think is right and wrong in today’s society. Either that or they just don’t care.

What’s even worse is that this is the type of person who Obama and Clinton want to come into the country when they try to get their refugees to invade our wonderful country of America.

Do you want these types of people in America? Do you want to worry about the kids getting stolen and hooked up with Muslims? Or perhaps a Muslim guy trying to marry one of the kids? Terrible, right?

I don’t care what their religion says, because if it thinks a 9-year-old is a woman, then that religion is terrible and no one should pay attention to it.

Maybe if the Muslim men let their women dress the way they wish, and stopped garbing them in full body curtain outfits, then maybe the Muslim men would leave the kids alone and go after a real woman.

Anything to get these creeps away from the underage folks.


Angry Patriot Movement – A Muslim man said it was okay to sleep with a 9-year-old girl because if she has reached puberty, she is “considered an adult.” Think about any 9-year-old girl you might know. Maybe it’s a neighbor. Maybe it’s someone at your church. Maybe it’s even your daughter or granddaughter. And then think about the outrage that would ensue if a white American male said the same thing this Muslim man says.

No, no no. A 9-year-old is not an adult. Adults are 18-years-old. Heck, some people aren’t true adults until they’re in their 30’s! Some of us take longer to grow up, but that’s not the point.

The point is that a 9-year-old should not have to worry about a Muslim predator stalking them.

And don’t even dare call it “Islamophobia” – not wanting your kids to fall victim of a sicko Muslim is not any sort of phobia, but rather common sense and being a good parent.

If this happens in America, then I can only imagine how many Muslim men get their d*cks chopped off by angry parents.

Gonna be a lot of d*cks hanging up in the butchery if these sick freaks come after the American kids.

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