WATCH: Newt Blast The Dust Off Crusty Old Hillary

Newt may not have been chosen as Donald Trump’s VP – but he’s going after Hillary just as often and just as hard as him.

For that reason alone, part of me wishes Trump had chosen Newt to be his running mate, though Mike Pence does mellow out the ticket a bit.

This time, Gingrich is blasting the media for their double standard when it comes to the RNC vs. DNC. The Democrats have been demanding that Donald Trump apologize for his comments in response to Khazir Khan’s DNC speech. Trump has attacked Khan’s politically charged speech.

There’s a double standard of course. Shouldn’t Hillary be apologizing to Pat Smith, whose son was killed in Benghazi due to Hillary’s incompetence? And why is Trump under fire? Hillary Clinton supported the Iraq War in which Khan’s son died – not Trump.

Via Clash Daily:

Trump would be better off apologizing to the Khans, Gingrich noted, and getting the incident behind him “but he’s a stubborn guy” and has a point. Khan “went to a political convention and said some very nasty things” about the Republican presidential nominee, Gingrich said.

“So, Trump’s stubborn. But Trump didn’t delete 33,000 emails,” Gingrich argued. “Trump didn’t send out secret information. Trump didn’t lie about the FBI. Hillary did all that stuff.”

“The number of things the news media could be excited by if they were willing to take this race seriously is unbelievable,” he said. “But the only thing the elite media wants to do is go after Donald Trump.”

You can watch an extended segment on Gingrich’s commentary on the DNC below:

What do you think? Personally, I don’t think we’ll ever hear the words, “I’m sorry,” leave Hillary Clinton’s lips.

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