The liberal media has been known to skew the facts and change social narratives to continually perpetuate their talking points of racism in America.  So, when an African-American football player goes against that narrative, it is bound to make these race-baiters squirm in their chairs.

Benjamin Watson of the New Orleans Saints has taken center stage recently when hisFacebook post went viral, stating that sin is the root of racism and proclaiming Jesus Christ as the answer. Watson was invited to appear on CNN to speak about his post on racism and give his thoughts on the matter, and just when he mentions Jesus, the feed is lost.

Here is the video:

With this initial clip, it appears there may have been a technical error, but in a longer clip, Brooke Baldwin states her producers were telling her to ‘wrap it up’ as you can see and hear her point to her ear piece. Although the video is of lesser quality, having a look at the incident in context makes it even more obvious that the quick end to the interview was intentional.

The interview with Benjamin Watson ended rather abruptly, and Brooke Baldwin’s dismissive attitude doesn’t help bolster the case that the segment just ran over the allotted time. Watson was treated rather rudely by CNN, but what do you expect from a “media source” that mocks conservative’s, Christians, and veterans.

You be the judge. Was Watson cut off on purpose because of what he had to say or was it simply because the interview was out of time?

Courtesy of Mad World News

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