BOOM! Watch What Happens To NYT Reporter Who Keeps Interrupting At WH Presser

The mainstream media has been used to being treated with kid gloves under the Obama administration. These journalists had become so accustomed to being able to call the shots and push whatever narrative they chose. Well, now there is a new sheriff in town and the Trump administration is not allowing those types of shenanigans anymore.

White House Press Sean Spicer is a breath of fresh air after Obama’s Josh Earnest. Spicer definitely doesn’t play games and will call out these liberal journalists without a moment’s hesitation. Which is exactly what happened this past Thursday, when Spicer had to publically reprimand one rude reporter.

During a press conference, The New York Times’ Glenn Thrush kept interrupting Spicer, instead of raising his hand like a good little boy and waiting to be called on. Spicer without missing a beat called Thrush out on his childish antics and it was epic.

Watch the hilarious smackdown by Spicer here.

If you were not aware, Spicer and Thrush have both been portrayed on “Saturday Night Live” in one of their skits. Thrush who is an obvious democrat operative is only there to continually cause more division and write “news articles” slamming President Trump.

“Glenn, this isn’t a TV program,” he said to Thrush, “You don’t get to just yell out questions,” he added. “We’re going to raise our hands like big boys and girls.”

Of course, Spicer’s response garnered cheers through the conservative party and many took to Twitter to voice their approval.

It is about time we have adults running this country again that are not putting up with these antics. If Thrush was respectful and simply followed directions, his question would have been answered. However, if you play stupid games you are going to win stupid prizes as Thrush learned.

Thrush just learned that if you are going to mess with Spicer you are going to get “Spiced” right back.

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