(from mad World News) As America’s borders remain open for anyone to simply stroll across that can muster up the energy, many have become infuriated by this reality. After seeing how Australia just dealt with their own border problems, it seems that President Obama could learn a thing or two from our friends down under on protecting our nation.

Obama Could Learn a Thing or Two From Australia’s New Border Policy

They’ve dubbed the new program “Operation Sovereign Borders,” and they’re boasting some of the world’s strictest new border measures. According to the Australian Customs’ website:

Asylum seekers who travel by boat without a visa will not end up in Australia. The rules apply to everyone; families, children, unaccompanied children, educated and skilled. There are no exceptions.

Those discovered to be in violation of the country’s laws will be escorted back into international waters or will be returned home entirely. The effort seems to be a zero-tolerance way of dealing with those seeking to enter the country illegally.

Of course, Liberals are peeved over the new implementation:



We here in America know that Obama is leaving our borders open for purely political reasons. Trying to appear in a more nurturing light while dying the voting pools a bit more blue, it’s a win-win for the Democratic Party as a whole.

However, our nation has laws. Despite Obama proving that they mean little to him personally, we Americans feel otherwise. After seeing how Australia is dealing with their own border crisis, do you think this should be implemented here in America?

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