(NewsMax) Retired Lt. Col. Oliver North says his sources inside Iraq are predicting a “major attack” on the U.S. Embassy in Baghdad by the Islamic State (ISIS.)

The leadership of ISIS inside Iraq is now almost all former senior leaders of Saddam Hussein’s elite Republican Guard, North said Monday on Fox News Channel’s “On the Record with Greta Van Susteren.” 
“They know Baghdad. They’ve lived in Baghdad,” North said, adding that they are the ones conducting military preparations for an attack on the largest American Embassy in the world.

“Most people” on the ground, North said, are predicting “a major attack” on the embassy.

“They are at the gates of Baghdad. They’re coming for us,” he said.

Asked what he thinks President Barack Obama believes about the situation, North replied, “I don’t think he gives a damn. I think he’s hoping that he can hold the lid on this until after this election so it won’t be just another disaster for this administration.”

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