WATCH: Open-carry demonstrator teaches ‘anarchists’ a lesson about real liberty


From BizPac: While anarchists and socialists are all for violence and destruction, they apparently draw the line at openly carrying a firearm.

Who knew?

Protesters marched Friday in Seattle to commemorate May Day, clashing with police along the way, setting fires and throwing rocks and other objects at officers, sending several to the hospital — but this radical element took umbrage when an open-carry advocate showed up with a SKS rifle slung over his shoulder.

A reporter for Q13Fox posted a video on Twitter of protesters confronting Shayne Butts as he carried the rifle, which is legal. Surrounding him, they chanted “wannabe cop out.”

H/T Gateway Pundit

“I’m here to ensure people’s civil rights get respected, just the basics, First Amendment right to peacefully assemble, to free speech,” Butts told Q13Fox.

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Butts was unfazed when asked by a reporter who clearly had little concept of personal liberty if he was concerned that some people may be afraid.

“To be blunt about it, I don’t care,” he said. “They can be afraid, no one is going to get hurt.”

Given the riots that took place throughout Friday by some of these same people who might be “afraid,” the question added a bizarre twist to the day.

Seattle police tweeted a photo Saturday of the tools of the trade for the average anarchist, but apparently firearms are not included among those tools.

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