WATCH: Pack Of Feral Thugs Surround 13-Year-Old… It Does Not End Well

A group of black teenagers savagely beat a 13 year old bystander. The entire ordeal has left all kids with potential assault charges that could land them in jail for a long time. Another kid who was threatened by the feral group of thugs videotaped the entire ordeal and posted it online to make sure that people would know what happened.

Watch here,

The attack happened in Norwood, Ohio near the Holy Trinity Church where a festival was taking place. Clearly none of them were their for religious purposes otherwise they would never have attacked anyone in the first place. The black males surround the Caucasian 13 year old.

All of them were talking about who would hit them first before one of them hauled a sucker punch at the teem. He fell to the ground and started getting slammed with punches and kicks from every which way. Once adults began to intervene in the situation they all ran away like little cowards.

The teen chose not to tell anyone about the incident but the video quickly went viral so they did not have a choice. The victims grandmother, Mary Baker immediately took him to the doctor when she found out what happened.

The prognosis… the doctor said to stay alert for signs of a concussion but other than that and some bumps and bruises he is going to be fine. The video helped to identify six of the assailants when the police got involved and began to investigate.

Watkins said the following about the incident,

“I came out and tried to shoo them away. They cursed at me; they called me names; they threatened to shoot my house up.”

The assailants will be prosecuted for their crimes says Lt. Ron Murphy of the Norwood Police Department. Furthermore, he said that any violent attacks that are videotaped and shown online will be investigated and properly prosecuted as a result. He said,

“You see these videos on social media and it’s getting very disturbing to me that nothing seems to be done, but we’re going to do something.”

Finally someone with some comment sense! Animals belong behind bars. Anyone who beats people up like this has a problem. Black or white, it does not matter. There is no excuse for this type of behavior.

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