(From KXAN) ALVIN, Texas (CNN) – Some Texas parents are outraged over a homework assignment given to sixth graders regarding the terrorist group ISIS.

The students were given a news article about the deadly terrorist group and told to write a one-page paper about what they read. At least two parents say learning about beheadings and American foreign policy in the Middle-East is not age appropriate for preteens.

“I think that this is a bit much for an 11-year-old. They’re still learning about life, they’re still going to the playground,” parent Russell Pharris said.

“There’s still a lot of things you can write narratives on and beheadings in the Middle East and American foreign policy certainly shouldn’t be one of them for sixth graders,” parent David McLendon said.

Only two parents made a formal complaint with Alvin Independent School District.

In response, the district said there are no plans to reprimand the teachers. In a written statement they said, “the sad reality is that Jr. High students are confronted with and are aware of the details related to ISIS. The goal of Alvin ISD is to ensure that students are provided appropriate opportunities to gain a factual understanding in the context of classroom learning environment.”

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