WATCH: Patriotic Garth Brooks Says He Would Be Honored To Perform At Trump’s Inauguration

As legendary country singer Garth Brooks signed autographs for fans, he was asked if he would perform at Donald Trump’s inauguration. He politely said he hadn’t been asked, but of course he would. He says it’s all about serving and it is. I’ve always been kind of fuzzy on Brooks’ political views, but one thing I do know is that he loves this country and respects the sitting President.

I can’t imagine any performer turning down an opportunity to perform at a presidential inauguration. It is an opportunity of a lifetime. Frankly, whether Brooks supports Trump as a candidate or not is neither here nor there… he’s an incoming President and you don’t get a much higher honor than being asked to be center stage at an inauguration. I have no idea who Trump plans on having perform that night, but Garth Brooks would be an excellent choice.

From US Herald:

Garth Brooks was asked if he would be willing to perform at Trump’s inauguration and he didn’t hesitate one bit.

Garth is totally on board with Trump and is more than willing to be part of the inauguration ceremony. Nice!

It’s nice to hear a celebrity who isn’t a Trump hating liberal for a change. Check it out below…

Brooks would not say who he supported during the election, but as a public figure, that is a very sane route to take. He performs for the entire political spectrum and his entertainment is about his singing… not his politics. Someone should send that memo to the Dixie Chicks.

TMZ cornered Garth at a Christmas tree lighting ceremony in DC and got this response from him. They also found out who he thinks is the best songwriter of all time… Bob Dylan. Brooks has always been about duty, honor and country. There is no way you could keep him from performing for Donald Trump.

Rumors have been all over the place concerning who exactly will perform at the inauguration. We still haven’t heard anything definitive, but we should hear soon enough. Garth Brooks is arguably the most popular country singer in our nation’s history. It would be more than fitting that those patriotic Trump supporters attending would get to enjoy some true, down-to-earth American music at Trump’s event. However, going to the inauguration is way out of bounds for most Americans. Packages start at $25,000 each and go up to $1 million.

The lowest priced package, at $25,000, includes two tickets to the Inaugural Parade, an “entertainment-filled” Victory Reception, admission to the Inaugural Concert and Fireworks show and a black-tie ball. Those with more money at their disposal can purchase the most expensive packages at $1 million that include eight tickets each to the Inaugural Ball, the Inaugural Parade, the Inaugural Concert and Fireworks show, a Candlelight Dinner with Trump, Pence and their wives and the Victory Reception. Four tickets to the Ladies Luncheon with the first family’s women and a Leadership Luncheon with Cabinet members and Trump appointees are also included. So you see… Garth Brooks would be performing to a select audience. Who wouldn’t want to be there?

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