(From Mad World News) Rick Harrison, owner of the Gold and Silver pawn shop in Las Vegas and star of the hit show “Pawn Stars,” appeared on Fox & Friends this morning to discuss the current state of the nation, and he’s not too happy with the current administration.

Host Brian Kilmeade asked Harrison if the government has really been hurting small businesses, such as his pawn shop.

“Yeah, I mean it’s really difficult to do business sometimes,” Harrison replied.

“I mean, just for my little pawn shop, insurance went from $19,000 a month to 30. Last month,” he added, obviously irritated at the new law.

Asked by co-host Steve Doocey if it was due to Obama’s “signature legislation,” which has been raising premiums across the country, Harrison replied with a resounding “yes,” then went on to heavily criticize the law.

“I have 60-year-old women who have to have pregnancy coverage now,” he explained. “I mean I have some of the squarest ex-cops working for me now that have to have drug rehab.”

His thoughts have been echoed across the country by both small business owners and people who have chosen to independently acquire coverage while watching as premiums have more than doubled in most cases due to the ridiculous mandates within the law.

Unfortunately, things will only continue to worsen as more of this terrible law is enacted. With any kind of luck, next month the Democrats will lose their majority in the Senate and we can finally get rid of this cancer on our healthcare system.


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