Excerpted from Mad World News: Former President George W. Bush appeared on Fox News’ Fox & Friends this morning and managed to once again embarrass President Obama regarding his handling of the Islamic State terrorist group and the early withdrawal of troops from Iraq.

Speaking to host Brian Kilmeade, the former President reacted to the recent decision by Obama to launch air strikes in Iraq and Syria to stop the advances of the terrorist organization while Bush reminded America and the world that the “lesson” from 9/11 is still as important now as it was the day after.

Seven years ago, the former President gave a dire warning that should we leave Iraq too soon it would fall into chaos and be taken over by radicals, a prediction that has since come true. When asked about it by Kilmeade, President Bush had a short but to the point explanation.

“I know the nature of the enemy,” he said. “Anybody who kills 3,000 innocents and beheads people because of their religion or because of their point of view is dangerous.”

Bush disregarded the idea that the Iraqi people failed to seize the chance to build a new country, and he said that military intervention shows that the people of Iraq still need help. Without actually saying it, President Bush gave the “impatient” Obama administration an “I told you so” regarding the entire situation, stating that he agreed with General Dempsey’s assessment that a residual force should have been left in the country for security.

However, staying classy, Bush said that he wouldn’t “second guess” our current President because he understands “how tough the job is.”

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