Washington, D.C. – Over the last couple of days Americans have been steadily flowing into the capital to stand together in protest of Obama’s Amnesty announcement. Those patriotic protesters are being met with bitter cold temperatures, crowds of opposition and are even being profiled and targeted by law enforcement, but they remain steadfast in spite of it all.

Sgt. Manny E. Vega is there on the front lines for the defense of our Constitution along with a combined force of several patriotic groups from around the country and even more are expected to join them.

Since they have been out in front of the People’s White House exercising their First Amendment rights, there have been several interactions that have been filmed, and the American public deserves to know how our rights are being trampled even in our nation’s capital.

Protester in D.C. Targeted & Threatened Over Anti-Obama Window Decal

One such occurrence involves a member of the anti-Amnesty protesters, Frank Nagy, who was threatened by police to have his vehicle impounded if he wouldn’t consent to a search of its contents. Beings that the officer told him in the video that he may incur fees as well as be denied access to his vehicle for an unspecified amount of time if they were “forced” to get a warrant, he agreed to the search. Sgt. Vega stepped in as an advocate for Mr. Nagy as the incident was filmed at Mr. Nagy’s request.

According to Mr. Nagy’s own comments on the video first posted on a Facebook page:

Per DC police, they were doing routine parking meter rounds and saw my [six-shooter style] shift knob when doing so. Somehow they came to where Manny and I and the group were protesting and wanted to see the knob to confirm it wasn’t real ammo. I agreed. They frisked me at this time so I advised them I had an EMPTY holster on. After seeing the shift knob in person, they asked to search vehicle. I said not without a warrant. They later came back and said they had a warrant en route (no I don’t believe it) and that I could either consent to search on site, or wait for warrant and have vehicle impounded. For various reasons, I consented to search. Nothing was found, because I had no guns or ammo anywhere in DC.

Is it just me, or does it seem that if the DC Police were simply doing parking meter checks, they probably should have been focused on the parking meters rather than peering into citizen’s vehicles? To track down and target Mr. Nagy for what is obviously a novelty item in his SUV, especially when he was not even in close proximity to the vehicle, seems like nothing more than the petty harassment of a citizen based on him not being a member of the unholy church of Obama.

Protester in D.C. Targeted & Threatened Over Anti-Obama Window Decal

Coincidentally, Mr. Nagy also has a decal on his back window that is clearly anti-Obama which is believed by many to be the true catalyst that prompted law enforcement to look inside the SUV and notice he had the “six shooter” stylized gear shift knob. When you watch the video, notice how far back the driver’s side window was in relation to the parking meter the DC Police were supposedly checking.

Protester in D.C. Targeted & Threatened Over Anti-Obama Window Decal

I think it is obvious to any rational minded individual that this man was profiled and targeted specifically because of the statement he had put on the rear window of his vehicle.

Watch the video for yourself and let us know what you think in the comments below.

Courtesy of Mad World News

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