WATCH Racist Muslim TRASH Attack White Women In Vicious Confrontation (VIDEO)

This is the shocking moment a group of young women became embroiled in a vicious racist confrontation on a train. 

The scenes, believed to have been filmed by an onlooker on a train in London, show the two groups hurling racist insults and threats at one another.

Stunned witnesses sit there as two white women trade foul-mouthed insults with two young women wearing hijabs.

The argument appears to start after one of the Muslim women called one of the girls a ‘white s***g’.

The video, is believed to have been captured on a train in December 2014 but has just surfaced online.

One of the white girls retorts: ‘Calling me a white s***g, that’s racist, don’t be f*****g racist.’

The Muslim girls – who say they are from Woolwich Arsenal – then invite the other women, who claim to be from Peckham, London, to a fight.

One of the white women says: ‘We don’t mix, innit.

‘White b***h? White s***g? You’re lucky. I’m telling you.

‘You think I don’t know anyone?’

She then turns to her friend and says, ‘I know you’re pregnant. I will flip out on this girl and show her how much of a d***head I can be.

‘I will show her.’

She also tells a man sitting with the women: ‘I don’t care if that’s your family or not or one of yous (sic), I don’t give a s**t she’s sitting there with her headscarf on being racist.’

The shocking tirade clearly horrifies their fellow passengers, who can be heard whispering ‘oh god’ as they witness the violent scenes.

Via Daily Mail

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