WATCH – Radio Hosts PANIC as Hillary Has ANOTHER Cough Attack Live on Air

While serious questions have arisen surrounding Hillary Clinton’s health, she has no intention of releasing her health records. Donald Trump has even offered to release his if she’d release hers. Most Americans would like her to release those records — and aren’t content with evaluating a presidential candidate’s health on their ability to open a pickle jar on a late-night comedy show.

While there are plenty of claims surrounding the state of her health that can be dismissed as mere conspiracies, it’s not just conspiracy theorists who have concerns. CNN’s Dr. Drew expressed “grave concern” over her health, and Barack Obama’s former physician (a Democrat) believes the Democrat nominee should undergo a neurological exam due to her history of brain injury.

Let’s look at a potential symptom of a health problem we’ve all seen: her coughing fits. During one of her lengthy coughing fits back in February, she pulled a throat lozenge out of her pocket, so it’s clearly something for which she’s prepared. Maybe she just had trouble getting the lies out?

One of her latest (and worst) coughing fit as she began a campaign speech in Cleveland. She later held a mini-press conference (the first in nearly 280 days), fielded seven questions, then excused herself before she couldn’t stop coughing again.

It hasn’t even been a week since then and she’s already had her next major coughing fit, this time on a radio show. As AngryPatriotMovement reports:

When individuals run for the position of U.S. president, they are automatically going to open themselves up to a lot of questions. Do they have the integrity for the office they seek? Do they have the health and stamina for this humbling position? Besides her blatant dishonesty, questions continue regarding Hillary’s health with the latest incident:

Her coughing fit on the NYC morning radio “The Breakfast Club” was so bad that the hosts even asked if she needed CPR.

The host then joked saying that the coughing fit sounded like someone who was using medical marijuana. “I could use some, she replied.”

Maybe she would tell the truth for once if she was stoned, who knows?!

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