WATCH: Reporter Captures Freddie Gray Rioters Approaching Her on Live TV. Then Things Get Really Ugly


From IJReview: While a Russian reporter was filming an anti-police demonstration in Baltimore, sparked by the death of Freddie Gray, things got ugly.

Twenty-five-year old Freddie Gray died of a spine injury while in police custody on April 19. On Saturday evening, protestors gathered to express their frustration and anger over the incident.

Reporter Paulina Leonovich was on site filming a group of young protestors…

At first it seemed like the gathering was relatively peaceful. One of the young protestors can be heard saying:

“Rest in peace to my man Freddie G.”

However, quickly the protesters began swarming Leonovich, swearing and flipping off the camera. She was then pushed to the ground, and had her handbag ripped from her arms.

Lenovich got up and began chasing after the thief, yelling:

“Give it back… give me back my bag!”

Police officers who were just a few blocks away quickly tackled the thief, but not before he threw the bag.

Officers pointed her towards her bag; in the video, she can be heard crying and out of breath just before she turns off the camera.

Leonovich is a Russian reporter for Ruptly, a video agency owned by the Putin-sponsored Russia Today (RT) network.


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