The ‘JV Team’ grew into cancer

From the Conservative Tribune: Texas Gov. Rick Perry recently appeared on “Fox & Friends,” where he delivered an announcement about his efforts to secure the border and how it’s improving the overall safety and security of America as ISIS terrorists are thinking twice about coming in through the southern border.

As Perry and the “Fox & Friends” panel discussed the president’s handling of ISIS, the Texas governor stressed the group is not only a threat to countries in the Middle East, but to the homeland as well. He went on to say that the threat of terrorists using the border as a means for sneaking into the country is one reason why he made the decision to deploy National Guard troops, to “send a very clear message, that that border is going to be secure.”

According to NewsMax, Perry’s message, which the Mexican government and ISIS are going to hate, is that there wouldn’t just be a “law enforcement presence,” but a military one as well. Perry also commented on the success his plan is having saying, “It is working. We knew if you put a presence, just like a neighborhood watch, it’s just like having a residual force in Iraq, the bad guys are going to know it.
They’re going to see that, and they’re going to respond. In the case of the border, individuals who are coming up with the understanding that if you cross the border and you can come into the United States and stay, they now understand that’s not the case.”
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